Florida Sexual Assault Victims May Be Entitled to Money Damages

When someone is sexually assaulted in Florida, there are three main areas of relief for the victim: Restitution through the criminal case; Florida’s Crime Victim Compensation Fund; and a Crime Victim Civil Claim.

The criminal case focuses on the criminal and punishing the person for committing a crime against the state of Florida. The Compensation Fund focuses on provided some financial assistance to the victim to help pay for counseling expenses and other costs. The civil claim focuses on the crime itself.

In a civil claim for a sexual assault victim, we focus on the crime to see whether it could have been prevented or if it was foreseeable. If for example a woman uses an ATM and is robbed or raped while on the bank’s property, the bank may be held liable under Florida law if they could have prevented the attack. Bank ATM rapes in Florida may be preventable if the bank fails to follow certain statutory guidelines.

Similar rules apply to apartment complexes, convenience stores and other properties. If they could have prevented a foreseeable attack and failed to provide adequate security, the property owner could be ordered to pay a victim for emotional pain and suffering, lost wages, medical and counseling expenses, and other damages.

If you were the victim of a sexual assault on someone else’s property, you may want to speak with a Florida Sexual Assault Victim’s Rights Attorney to see if you have a civil crime victim’s case. Please feel free to call our Crime Victim’s Rights Lawyers at (888) 99-VICTIM. That’s (888) 998-4284.

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