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Cruising is a lot of fun for most passengers, but accidents do happen. The major cruise lines try to limit their legal responsibility to pay passengers money damages if they cause or contribute to any injuries. Most passenger contracts have provisions which contain these limitations. Here are some common limitations:

  • Notice of the claim must be made within 6 months
  • A lawsuit must be filed within 1 year
  • The Court where the lawsuit must be brought is specified in the contract; i.e. US District Court in the Southern District of Florida – Miami Division

Nearly every cruise line has these limitations in your passenger contract. The limitations may also apply regardless of where in the world the injury occurred. For example, Carnival Cruises generally requires that all claims be brought in Miami in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. This means that if a passenger leaves a port in California and gets hurt on the Carnival ship, they may have to bring the claim in Miami.

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