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We are already getting several inquiries from homeowners and renters about Hurricane Irma claims. Disputes often arise with homeowner insurance companies following hurricane damage claims. We handle these disputes on a contingency fee basis, where you don’t pay us anything if there is no recovery, and can sometimes get the insurance company to pay for some or all of your fees.

Common Homeowner Claims After A Hurricane

Some of the common questions and disputes we hear about include:

As victims of Hurricane Irma start to pick up the pieces in Florida, they may face the complex world of insurance claims. Having handled more than 5,500 insurance claims on behalf of clients, family and friends, here are answers to some common issues and questions that arise after a hurricane. Insurance adjusters handle claims for a living and can easily trick you into taking a low settlement if you don’t know your rights.Hurricane-300x179

What Damage May Be Covered After Hurricane Irma?

The answers depend on what insurance you have and what property is damaged.

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