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This past year, a motorcyclist was killed in a head-on accident with a scooter in Key West, Florida according to Keys News. The scooter rider was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, FL with severe injuries. One of the riders was speeding and was scene passing other cars before the crash and police were investigating whether alcohol was a factor.

This accident highlights the need for safety while riding scooters and motorcycles. Every year, thousands go to Key West or South Beach for vacation and rent scooters or motorcycles with little to no training. It is important to follow the law and use caution while riding on public streets. It may seem like fun for party-goers to ride a scooter around Duval Street in Key West, but it can also be quite dangerous.

There are several laws in place to help protect moped and motorcyclists from accidents. For example, Florida law requires moped riders to keep both hands on the wheel at all times and prohibits them from carrying any objects which would prevent them from keeping both hands on the wheel. Mopeds and motorcycles may also not be rented to anyone under 16 years of age. There are a great number of other laws regulating the operation and maintenance of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.

On September 15, 2009, a biker died in Cape Coral, Florida on Pine Island Road after a woman pulled out in front of him and caused a collision. The biker was ejected from the motorcycle and was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

It is estimated that nearly 7,000 motorcyclists are injured or killed each year in Florida. Drivers need to share the road and be mindful that there are other motor vehicles other than cars on the road. This accident was probably preventable. If the driver of the car was paying attention, they likely would have seen the motorcyclist and could have avoided the collision.

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