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Allachua County, Florida – Florida Highway Patrol reported a series of fatal multi-car accidents in I-75 in Alachua County which killed 10 and injured at least 18 others. The initial trigger of the accidents was thought to be from poor visibility from smoke.

Despite the poor visibility, the drivers still has an obligation to use reasonable care. As a result of the negligence of one or more drivers, several drivers and passengers were killed and severely injured. The Florida Highway Patrol said involved at least 12 passenger cars and about seven semi trucks. alachua truck accident lawyer.jpg

Most of the collisions were on Interstate 75, said Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Todd Kelly, with other crashes occuring on U.S. Highway 441.

The interstate’s northbound and southbound lanes remained closed Sunday afternoon, and would stay closed until the roadways are cleared, the Florida Highway Patrol said. Traffic was being detoured.

“It was just so crazy,” said one Gainesville resident. “We were just sitting in the car and all of this came out of nowhere.”

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MiamiCarAccident.jpgMIAMI, FLORIDA – A rollover vehicle crash on State Road 826 in Northwest Miami-Dade caused one car to catch on fire and sent one person to the hospital this past weekend.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident happened on the southbound lanes of the 826 just south of Northwest 74th Street.

FHP said a Volkswagen Jetta struck the rear of a pickup truck, which caused the truck to flip over. The impact also caused the Jetta to catch fire.

The driver of the truck was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition, according to FHP.

Presumption of Fault in a Florida Rear End Accident

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According to witnesses, on December 10, 2010 a semi-truck was travelling at a high rate of speed on US 27 in Weston, Florida when it rear-ended a vehicle with several teenagers inside. Three of the teens died following the crash. The witness said, “What had happened, that semi-truck had come at tremendous speed. That black car looked like it was at the side of the road, broken down.”

The police were investigating the crash to determine fault.

Trucking accidents in Weston, FL are common in US 27 and on other “trucking” roads throughout South Florida. South Florida Truck Accident Attorneys can handle the investigation and civil prosecution of these cases. When a catastrophic accident like this happens, it is important to investigate the facts, secure witness testimony and gather evidence which could disappear over time. In a wrongful death case caused by a tractor trailer where there is a dispute over how the accident happened, an accident reconstructionist may also be necessary to help determine fault.

Trucking companies often have attorneys and claims representatives trained to begin preparing to defend their actions following the accident. Families should consider hiring a Florida Wrongful Death Attorney to protect those who may have rights on behalf of the deceased children.

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