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My Attorney Is On My Cell Phone – Attorney Apps

My Attorney App by the Law Offices of Jason Turchin for Android and iPhone

To better connect with our clients, we developed the My Attorney App for Android phones, iPad and iPhone. The app has several purposes:

  • To enable our clients to reach us whenever they need through simple push button calling, an easy to use texting feature, and a quick case question submission form

  • To provide prospective clients with quick and easy contact to our office

  • To give free accident checklists for clients and prospective clients to give them tips on what to do in case of an accident

  • To have an Accident Help Kit available for clients to write in accident-related information and email it directly to my office

  • To allow other lawyers to join our referral team and co-counsel with us on cases outside of their practice area or location

  • To have easy access to our website and Facebook fan page

  • To provide background information on our firm

  • To highlight prior settlements and verdicts

No need a Vanity Number or Texting Number when you can have my Attorney App

The public is seemingly flooded with vanity phone numbers and texting numbers, like “If you are in an accident, text the word HELP to 983***”, or 411-****. After an accident, accident victims may have trouble remembering the number. With an Attorney App, my clients don’t need to remember anything. Once the App is downloaded for free onto their phone, it is there forever (or until they delete it). In 5 years from now, I will still (hopefully) be on their phone and my clients can say, “My attorney is on my cell phone…Is yours?”

In the world of vast technological advancements, clients shouldn’t have to feel neglected or unappreciated. If you are an attorney taking on a case, you should be available to your clients. An attorney app puts my firm in my client’s hands.

Click Here for our Android App Click Here for our iPad and iPhone App

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