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My Attorney Withdrew From My Accident Case…What Now?

What should I do if my attorney closes my accident or injury case?

We often get calls or email submissions from accident victims and families of wrongful death victims who were dropped by their prior attorney, and who believe they were hurt by someone else’s negligence. They want us to take their case.

Lawyers drop cases for a variety of reasons, so don’t be discouraged if your lawyer drops your case. Reasons include:

  • Lawyer is too busy to effectively handle all cases

  • Lawyer is not experienced enough to recognize the value in your case

  • Lawyer got in trouble with the State Bar and must withdraw from all cases

  • Lawyer took a job with another law firm and can’t take your case any longer

  • Law firm split up and you are left to find another lawyer

  • Case was denied and lawyer won’t file a lawsuit

  • Conflict of interest prevents the lawyer from continuing with your representation

  • You and your lawyer don’t get along anymore and the attorney withdraws because of irreconcilable differences

The list is not absolute, but suffice it to say that I’ve handled many cases where other lawyers couldn’t resolve the case. Just because one lawyer says he or she can’t help you didn’t mean you have no case. It may simply mean that one lawyer out of tens of thousands can’t help you.

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