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Costa Cruise Accident Kills Several Passengers Near Italy

Costa Cruise accident – Several Costa cruise passengers are feared dead with an estimated sixty more still missing after a cruise departed from Italy. Reports say that the ship began to list, or tilt to one side, and then began to sink.

Cruising is often an amazing, relaxing vacation, but things can go wrong. Cruise lines generally have a legal obligation under maritime law to act reasonably under the circumstances. When they don’t, they could be held liable for damages or wrongful death.

Where does a wrongful death case against Costa Cruises have to be brought? The proper place top bring a cruise injury lawsuit, called the venue, is generally governed by your cruise passenger contract. Each cruise line has different rules.

According to Costa Cruises’ website, any personal injury or wrongful death claim which arises from negligence on the cruise must be brought in Federal Court in Miami if the voyage leaves from, returns to, or visits a US port. If the voyage does not have contact with a US port, Costa requires a lawsuit to be brought in a specific court in Italy.

The cruise contracts frequently change. It is important to have a cruise lawyer review your contract to see where your lawsuit for injury on the cruise must be filed.

The time to file a claim may be as little as six months so you should contact a cruise accident attorney as soon as possible.

I can be reached at 800-337-7755 for more information on a cruise accident case.

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