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Texas Boy Injured By Shrapnel From Honda Airbag in 2002 Civic

Our airbag attorneys recently announced that we have been retained to represent a 16 year old boy injured when shrapnel from the airbag of a 2002 Honda Civic shot out and stabbed him in the face following a car accident. The accident occurred in Texas in June, 2015. The airbag is believed to be manufactured by Takata, a company at the forefront of one of the largest recalls in US history.

A claim has now been filed with Honda and Takata. Our airbag attorneys already represents several other airbag injury cases against Honda and Takata, the airbag’s alleged manufacturer. “We are extremely concerned that these airbags continue to rupture and put the public in danger. The longer it takes to recall all defective airbags, the more chance people can get hurt or killed,” said Jason Turchin, lead airbag attorney in the case.

Airbag showing holes where shrapnel shot through

Following the crash involving his son, the victim’s father contacted Honda to immediately replace the airbag on his daughter’s vehicle, also an early model Honda Civic. He was allegedly told that there were no airbags available and it would take several months at the least until the part would be ready. “This father already had one child allegedly injured from an exploding airbag. Now he fears his daughter is also at risk of serious bodily injury or death when driving around until a replacement airbag is available,” adds Turchin.

Turchin hopes the pending airbag claims against Honda and Takata will get answers as to what is causing the airbag defects, and to compel production of safer airbags. “These lawsuits are not just about money. We want answers to prevent this type of defect from occurring in future generations of airbags,” continues Turchin.

Turchin has already filed a Patent Application on an inspectable airbag system, which would allow trained mechanics the ability to inspect an airbag system during a routine maintenance inspection. “Many defective airbags I’ve seen showed visible signs of rust and corrosion, signs that the airbags may have been bad for a long time before the crashes,” said Turchin. Turchin hopes that a redesign of the airbag system could assure safer airbags in the future, and give the consumer more control to have their airbag system replaced before an accident occurs if it shows signs of deterioration or change.

About Jason Turchin, Esq. Attorney Jason Turchin has handled over 5,500 claims for victims of accidents, personal injury and wrongful death throughout Florida. He is a #1 best-selling author in personal injury and accident law, a member of the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list and Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and is admitted to practice law in Florida, New York, Washington DC and several federal circuit and appellate bars. His main office is in Weston, Florida, with satellite offices in Orlando, Miami, Key West, Washington, DC and New York City, NY. For more information from a product liability lawyer, Jason Turchin, Esq. can be reached at or at (800) 337-7755.

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