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You May Be Owed Life Insurance Benefits In Florida

A recent report revealed that life insurance companies may owe billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance benefits. NBC even reported that 1 in 600 people may be owed life insurance money. If you were contacted by a life insurance company recently about a life insurance policy and have questions, please feel free to contact a life insurance lawyer in my office for a free consultation at 800-337-7755.

Florida unclaimed funds Unclaimed life insurance benefits may have been turned over to the State of Florida. Check the Florida unclaimed funds website to see if you may have unclaimed money. If so, we can help collect the money. Often, an estate needs to be opened to get the state to release the money. Our Probate department can help with that process.

Here are some helpful links to see if you may an unpaid life insurance policy: Metlife: New York Life: Florida Unclaimed Funds:

New Florida Life Insurance Law

A recent Florida life insurance law signed by Gov. Scott requires life insurance companies to notify beneficiaries when they learn of the insured’s death. The full text of the bill is available here If you were contacted about a possible life insurance claim, we can help walk you through the process. Remember that you may only have one chance to apply for life insurance correctly.

This new law requires an insurance company, no later than 120 days after learning of the death of an insured, an annuitant, or a retained asset account holder through a comparison under the statute, to:

(a) Complete and document an effort to confirm the death of the insured, the annuitant, or the retained asset account holder against other available records and information.

(b) Review its records to determine whether the insured, the annuitant, or the retained asset account holder purchased other products from the insurer.

(c) Determine whether benefits may be due under a policy, an annuity, or a retained asset account.

(d) Complete and document an effort to locate and contact the beneficiary or authorized representative under a policy, an annuity, or a retained asset account if such person has not communicated with the insurer before the expiration of the 120-day period.

The effort must include:

1. Sending to the beneficiary or authorized representative information concerning the claim process of the insurer.

2. Notice of any requirement to provide a certified original or copy of the death certificate if applicable under the policy, annuity, or retained asset account.

Life Insurance Payable To Estate

If the life insurance has no beneficiary, the life insurance company may try to pay the money to the Estate of the insured or owner. In that case, a Florida probate estate will need to be opened. The money will generally be distributed pursuant to Florida’s probate laws. If the person had a will, you should try to locate it. How money gets distributed depends on whether there was a will or not. If there is no will, the person is deemed to have died intestate and money gets divided differently sometimes than if there was a will.

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