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At Least 19 Children Hospitalized For Suspected Food Poisoning In Ave Marie Friends Preparatory Scho

A local school in Lauderhill, Florida had at least 19 children hospitalized after allegedly getting sick at Lauderhill preschool this past Monday afternoon.

Lauderhill Fire Rescue responded to the school, Ave Marie Friends Preparatory School, which is located at 5801 N.W. 19 St.

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According to a WSVN news report, “[Crews] found multiple children in various degrees of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea,” said Lauderhill Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Jeff Levy. “They immediately called for additional resources.”

Food poisoning can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. As an attorney in Florida who has handled many Florida food poisoning injury claims, many of these incidents are preventable.

News coverage reported an aunt picking up a child from the school. “It was just a relief,” said the toddler’s mother. “I’m gonna start crying.”

Reported came in that some children were in very serious condition. Channel 7 reported that Witness Serena Gordon said some of the children were non-responsive. “The children are coming out two by two. I’m taking them out to the ambulance,” she said. “Some of them were passed out. Others were droopy. Some of them were alert as well.”

Many children with suspected food poisoning were transported to various area hospitals, including Plantation General Hospital.

Channel 7 reported that Levy said it was imperative for the sick preschoolers to be treated as quickly as possible. “We’re dealing with preschool-age kids, and anybody who’s a parent, who has young children, knows that when you have nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, kids experience dehydration quite fast,” he said.

Food poisoning in children can be dangerous. The injuries from food poisoning should be treated as soon as possible to prevent long term permanent damage or wrongful death.

Negligence May Be To Blame

Officials found that the children’s catered lunch may the cause of the injuries. “The only common denominator we can find right now is that the children all had the same catered lunch from an outside catering company,” said Levy.

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If the vendor was negligent, the parents of the injured children may have a claim for personal injuries for all the medical bills in pain and suffering that the children had to go through.

Any parents with children injured because of food poisoning in school should be aware of their rights. These children should not suffer if someone was careless.

For any questions in a Florida food poisoning case, please feel free to call my office at 800-337-7755 for free consultation.

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