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149 Children Sick From Food Poisoning In Miami And Broward From Caterer

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A total of 149 children reportedly got food poisoning after eating food from a South Florida caterer, according to a report from the Florida Department of Health. According to the report, 117 of 403 children in eight daycares in Miami‐Dade and 32 of 53 children in two daycares in Broward met the outbreak case definition, along with teachers who also got sick.

The meals were made at Healthy Children Catering in Hialeah. Under Florida’s personal injury law for food poisoning, the company who provided the food may be legally responsible to compensate all of the injured victims for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses and any money the parent or guardian may have incurred, including lost wages. Our Florida food poisoning injury attorneys have handle many personal injury claims in Florida on behalf of those who had food poisoning.

State Report of Food Poisoning

According to the Healthy Children Catering state report, “The outbreak was caused by staphyloccal food poisoning (SFP).” This is significant. There was an independent investigation into the cause of the illnesses, and it pointed to the catering company. According to the Florida Department of Health, the bacteria were found in ham and turkey.

SFP is often caused when a food handler contaminates food or when it is not properly refrigerated. Inquiry should be made into where they got the food, how it was stored, how it was handled, and to otherwise track it from production through delivery.

More information on the investigation has been reported at

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