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How To Get Pressure Cooker Burn Injury Claim Help

People often think of pressure cookers as being 'safe' or 'harmless'. The truth is that pressure cookers, when defective or poorly designed, can become unstable and explode while in use. This explosion can cause terrible injuries such as burns to your skin and maybe even broken bones. Our pressure cooker lawyers have handled numerous burn injury lawsuits.

When pressure cookers explode, they usually do so suddenly and without any warning. Injuries from pressure cookers are usually very serious because of the high pressure that can cause objects to fly through the air at a very fast rate.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Explosion

Instant Pot is manufactured by a company called Instant Brands Inc. They design pressure cookers that are supposed to be easy to use and less likely to explode. Recently, however, reports have come in about pressure cookers suddenly exploding while being used. One report claims that Instant Pot pressure cooker exploded when the lid was removed from the unit. The user suffered burns on her face, head, neck hands and chest.

Our pressure cooker lawyers have handled numerous burn injury cases against Instant Brands.

Gourmia Pressure Cooker Explosion

Another example where a pressure cooker suddenly exploded occurred with a Gourmia pressure cooker. A man picked up his pressure cooker after it had finished cooking something inside it. When he tried to open it with the handle after releasing all of the steam, the pressure cooker lid somehow came off and hot pressure from inside exploded onto his face, chest and hands.

Power Pressure Cooker Explosion

The Power pressure cooker was advertised on TV as being one of the best pressure cookers available on today's market. The ad stated that this pressure cooker is so safe you can even wash it in a dishwasher. In reality though, these pressure cookers have caused serious burns to people who have used them. Our Tristar pressure cooker attorneys were lead counsel in IN RE TRISTAR PRESSURE COOKER LITIGATION in federal court in NJ.

In one pressure cooker lawsuit, a woman alleged she suffered second degree burns when the pressure cooker she used suddenly exploded. She claims that she followed all of the pressure cooker instructions when using it, so there was no reason for it to explode in her hands and chest area.

Sunbeam Crock Pot Explosion

Our pressure cooker lawyers are co-lead counsel in a class action filed against Sunbeam Products for alleged defective Crockpot Multicooker pressure cookers. Our firm has handled numerous Crockpot pressure cooker lawsuits against Sunbeam Products on behalf of consumers allegedly burned by scalding liquids from the Crockpot Multicooker.

Fagor Pressure Cooker Explosion

Fagor pressure cookers are also known to cause pressure cooker explode injuries to people who do not handle them carefully. One woman decided to try out a Fagor pressure cooker because she had heard about how popular they were becoming . The pressure cooker exploded when she went to open it after releasing the steam and burned her hand very badly, requiring hospitalization for treatment.

What Can You Do If Your Pressure Cooker Exploded?

Pressure cookers are supposed to be safe appliances that can help you get meals ready quickly after working all day. If a pressure cooker is defective because of bad engineering or poor quality control procedures, then they can become unstable and cause terrible pressure cooker burn injuries to their users. If you were injured by a pressure cooker that exploded, you should contact an experienced pressure cooker lawyer right away because there may be a limited amount of time in which you must file a pressure cooker lawsuit.

The pressure cooker injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin have helped many people who were injured by products get the financial compensation they needed to pay medical bills and recover from their pressure cooker injuries. Call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation or submit your contact information online.

If you were burned by a pressure cooker that exploded, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your pain and suffering, scars, medical treatment, and more. We represent many people who were injured in pressure cooker accidents, and can handle claims against the Power Pressure Cooker, Gourmia, Crock Pot, Fagor, Instant Pot, Bella and more.

Electric Pressure Cooker Explosion Injuries

With product liability lawsuits for injuries from pressure cookers on the rise, consumers need to know what safety standards pressure cookers must meet in order to prevent pressure cooker explosion injuries. Pressure cooker manufacturers are required to meet pressure cooker design and manufacturing safety standards. Pressure cooker design standards include pressure cookers having pressure relief valves, pressure gauges or pressure indicators, pressure cookers that can limit pressure inside the pot when it reaches an unsafe level, sturdy lid locks to prevent opening while there is still pressure built up inside the pressure cooker, safe materials in both the cooking vessel used in the pressure cooker and all other parts of the pressure cooker, and others. Manufacturers who produce pressure cookers must not use defective materials when creating these products.

Electric Pressure Cooker Lawsuits

A pressure cooker explosion can quickly cause serious damage to anything in its path. If you have been injured by a pressure cooker explosion, contact our pressure cooker lawyers today for legal advice about your claim.

Our pressure cooker law firm has already resolved numerous cases for people who were injured by exploding products including defective pressure cookers. For a free consultation with an attorney about your pressure cooker injury claim, call us today so we can working on your case immediately. Every case is different and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Contact us to see if you may qualify for compensation at (800) 337-7755 or submit your inquiry online.

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