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Nearly 1 million Crock-Pot pressure cookers recalled by Sunbeam Products

With more than 100 complaints of lids exploding while the units were still pressurized, Sunbeam Products finally issued a national recall of over 900,000 6 quart multicooker pressure cookers. Over the past couple of years, numerous customers sustained severe burns after the lids of their Crock-Pot pressure cookers came off while the units where still under pressure. The pressure cooker lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin have sued Sunbeam Products numerous times on behalf of customers burned by their Crockpot.

Various burn injury complaints against Crock-Pot

Over the past two years, customers lodged numerous complaints that their Crock-Pots may be defective and failed to work as advertised. The products were supposed to have safety features to prevent the units from opening while still under pressure. Despite these claims, our office handled claims for several victims who used the product as advertised and were still burned

Crockpot Multicooker Pressure Cooker
Crockpot Multicooker Pressure Cooker


Some examples of these claims include:

  • Lid came off without warning - Several customers complained that the lid of their Crockpot multicooker popped off during the cooking cycle without any warning. These customers were burned by the hot liquid inside which sprayed out. The unit is not supposed to turn on and pressurize if the lid is not properly secured.

  • After releasing the steam and trying to open the lid, the lid popped off and hot liquid exploded out - We've received numerous complaints from customers stating that after the cooking cycle, they released the steam and it stopped coming out. When they tried to open the lid, it popped off and liquid sprayed out onto them. This is a common complaint we've heard. This can occur when food gets stuck in the steam valve, or where the steam valve otherwise gets clogged.

Sunbeam Crockpot Multicooker Lawsuits

Our pressure cooker lawyers have been involved in numerous Crockpot injury lawsuits over the past few years on behalf of customers burned by a Crockpot pressure cooker. Some of these include:

Velasquez v Sunbeam Products - Ms. Velasquez alleges she was injured when her Crockpot multicooker lid came off while the unit was still pressurized.

Spadea v Sunbeam Products - Ms. Spadea was injured when the lid of her Crockpot 6Q multicooker came off and caused severe injuries.

Knight v Sunbeam Products - Mr. Knight's pressure cooker lawsuit was filed after he sustained burns while using a 6Q Crockpot multicooker pressure cooker.

Crockpot Multicooker Pressure Cooker Manual
Pressure Cooker Manual

Crockpot Multicooker Pressure Cooker Class Action Lawsuit

A nationwide Crockpot class action against Sunbeam Products was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and was assigned to Judge Altman. The pressure cooker lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin are lead co-counsel in the pressure cooker class action. The lawsuit, Rife, et al v Sunbeam Products, alleges that numerous defects exist in the 6Q multicooker pressure cookers.

Crockpot Multicooker Recall

Sunbeam Products and the CPSC announced a nationwide recall of the Crock-Pot® 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cookers on November 24, 2020. The Crockpot recall allows customers to receive a replacement lid, but no refund. For customers to receive a replacement lid, they must complete a form on Sunbeam's website. The CPSC warns,

"The recalled Crock-Pot multi-cooker can pressurize when the lid is not fully locked. This can cause the lid to suddenly detach while the product is in use, posing burn risks to consumers from hot food and liquids ejected from the product."

Sunbeam Products says that consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Crock-Pot in pressure cooker mode. However, they say that a user could still use for slow cooking and sautéing. No compensation was offered for the loss of use of the full functionality of the pressure cooker. They also warned that consumers who continue using the multi-cooker in pressure cooker mode while waiting for the replacement lid should be certain the lid is securely turned to the fully locked position by aligning the arrow on the lid with the lock symbol on the base.

However, there were prior allegations that the lock symbol on the lid and base did not perfectly line up, perhaps as a result of a manufacturing defect. So while the recall notice warns customers to turn the lid to the locked position by aligning the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the base, these arrows may still not align. There are other allegations as to why the Sunbeam Crockpot recall is inadequate.

What should you do if you are burned by a Crockpot multicooker pressure cooker?

If you were hurt while using a Crockpot multicooker, there are some steps you can take to best preserve any potential claim you could make.

  1. Take photographs of the damage field.

  2. Take photographs of your injuries

  3. Take photographs of the pressure cooker, the ID number on the plug, and the ID number on the unit's base

  4. Get medical attention if you are hurt in any way

  5. Do not throw the pressure cooker out

  6. Try to save the pressure cooker, the box and the product manual

  7. Contact a pressure cooker lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin

How do I find a pressure cooker case to refer the case to from another lawyer?

Crockpot Lawsuit
Crockpot Lawsuit

Our pressure cooker attorneys often work with lawyers around the US whose clients were burned by pressure cookers and need to file a pressure cooker lawsuit against Sunbeam Products or other companies, like Gourmia, Maxi-matic, Tristar Products, Instant Pot and others. We pay co-counsel fees pursuant to the Bar rules and can work with you as needed to best assist the client. Feel free to contact us or call us at 800-337-7755 and we can go over the case to see if we can assist.

How to find a pressure cooker lawyer to sue Crockpot

If you were burned by a Crockpot multicooker and want to file a lawsuit against Sunbeam Products, or a pressure cooker burn claim, contact a pressure cooker attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today for a free consultation. Your claim may be handled on a contingency fee, which means you do not have to pay us out of pocket. We only get paid if you recover money for your injuries. Otherwise, we waive our fees and costs. You can reach us at 800-337-7755 or through our chat or contact form.


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